Soon we are watching Croatian Film ˝ Love or death¨

First film in the project EFFC



Croatian film Love or death is going to be the first film in our eTwinning project EFFCEuropean film for children. Film is based on a novel by famous children´s writer Ivan Kušan. Film director is writer´s son Daniel, and film is part of film series about boy named Ratko Milić – Koko, young detective and hero of several Kušan´s novels. This year the fourth and the last film about Koko is being made. Then will end the series because Koko in Paris is not going to be made due to financial reasons.

Content of the film Love or deth

It seems that football is still the most important thing in Koko’s life and upcoming match between notorious pirates and Koko´s crew Green peek is highlight of the season. Zlatko is still spending every second reading books and scolding Koko for being immature. To prove him wrong, Koko tells him that he is in love with a mysterious girl. His love for her is not making him happy. And the girl he is in love with, is just as magical as the heroines in the novels Zlatko reads. Find out in the film who is Koko´s mysterious love, what does it have to do with books and football.

Film Love or death was the most watched Croatian film in cinemas in 2014. and 41.637 people went to cinema to see it and considering viewership of Croatian film that is a good number.

Film was produced by Kinorama, the film production company that´s behind few of the most awarded Croatian films like Zvizdan and Don´t look into my plate.
Love or death festivals and awards: Pula Film Festival 2015 – Golden Arena for Make-up, Kinolub festival 2015 (Krakow, Poland), Vittorio Veneto Film Festival 2015 (Italy)  – Audience award.

Below see the  film trailer, a video with a song from the film and a video about the characters. /  Marko Puškar, student; translated by Vanja Vidaković/


Some facts about film
Love or Death
director: Daniel Kusan
feature film, 95 min, 2014
Antonio Parac – Koko
Kristian Bonacic – Zlatko
Vanja Markovinović – Marijana
Nina Mileta – Marica
Filip Mayer – Miki
Tesa Litvan – Melita
Tara Thaller – Mysterious Girl
Korana Ugrina – Ema
Marin Stevic – Cockroach
Ilijana Knezević – Nina

Scriptwriter: Daniel Kušan
Producer: Ankica Juric Tilic
Directors of photography: Mario Sablić h.f.s. and Filip Tot
Composer: Dinko Appelt
Editor: Slaven Zečević
Sound editor: Dubravka Premar
Art director: Ivan Veljaca
Costume designer: Emina Kušan

– based on Love or Death, a novel by Ivan Kušan




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